Building Strong Foundations for Success

Narayana Group of Schools - Primary Programme

In our commitment to engage and captivate our young learners, we strive to create an enjoyable and interactive learning experience within our classrooms. We have incorporated creative reflection boards that encourage students to express their creativity and knowledge.

Additionally, our well-equipped e-labs play a crucial role in helping students grasp science, math, EVS, and social studies concepts through hands-on activities.

Primary World

e-Champs – From ABC to Adventures

Established in 2006, the Narayana e-Champs programme seamlessly combines all elements of a solid primary education. It serves as a bridge between the initial preschool phase and the preparatory stages of our students' academic journeys.

Built upon the e-CHAMPS programme, we offer educational courses for students from grades I to V. Our goal is to foster comprehensive development in children aged 6 to 12, providing them with a high-quality education and nurturing advanced thinking skills.

To prepare students to become global citizens of the future, our curriculum is in line with CBSE standards and created by childcare professionals. Beyond academics, we encourage their curiosity and psychological growth.

This approach enhances their motor and communication skills while fostering strong metacognition. Narayana e-CHAMPS also provides a platform for learners to excel in their areas of interest and chart their academic paths for the future.

We have directed our attention towards several key areas:

  • Thoughtfully crafted microschedules for both academic and non-academic areas
  • Utilisation of Creative Teaching & Learning Materials (TLMs) to reinforce sensorial learning
  • The development and enrichment of life skills, including self-awareness, problem-solving, social etiquette, interpersonal relationships, empathy, and teamwork
  • Encouraging creative self-expression through various avenues such as art, music, dance, sports clubs, and more

Our commitment revolves around brightening the future of each child and ensuring their excellence through a comprehensive educational journey that combines traditional values with innovative approaches. We offer ten different thematic modules, each comprising elements such as art, rhymes, games, hands-on activities, field trips, and guest lectures.

Teaching Methodologies: Exploring, Playing, and Growing Together

Keeping in mind the changing trends in education, our teaching staff uses an amalgamation of age-old and modern techniques. This helps them identify and focus on the individual needs of students, which hastens their development.

We also maintain an optimum student-teacher ratio to ensure that every learner gets adequate attention. Furthermore, our play method of teaching allows students to actively communicate with each other, share ideas, and understand concepts by participating in various activities.

Our Values, Your Accomplishments

In recognition of evolving educational trends, our teaching staff employs a blend of traditional and modern techniques. This approach allows them to identify and cater to each student's unique needs, expediting their development.

We maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio to ensure that every student receives ample attention. Furthermore, our play-based teaching method encourages active communication, idea sharing, and concept comprehension through various activities.

Why choose the Narayana Group of Schools?

Several notable factors make Narayana Group of Schools the best CBSE schools for parents:

  • Scientifically designed CBSE-based curriculum on par with NEP guidelines
  • E-learning modules that enhance concept assimilation
  • Interactive, activity-based teaching for an engaging learning experience
  • Abacus sessions to develop mathematical and analytical skills
  • Fun projects to ignite competitive spirit and scientific curiosity
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation to monitor students' progress
  • Nurturing young talents through the RobinAge monthly magazine
  • Fostering extempore skills through interactive video conferences
  • N-TOP Narayana Target Olympiad Programme to prepare 4th and 5th graders for state and national-level competitive exams

A Range of Programmes to Enhance Academics with Advanced Infrastructure

Narayana Group of Schools incorporates smart infrastructure into its programmes to give students a competitive edge.

  • Stimulating classroom environments with creative bulletin boards that encourage learning in both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Well-equipped laboratories and a wide array of technical resources to facilitate hands-on learning
  • Curriculum combined with interactive technology-driven teaching methods for faster concept comprehension
  • Resource-rich library with a comprehensive collection of both hard copies and e-books

Benefits of enrolling your child in Narayana e-CHAMPS

  • Engaging post-school activities to help children refresh their minds.
  • Stringent hygiene standards to ensure a safe learning environment for all.
  • A 360-degree learning environment and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Keeping parents informed about school and student-related updates through the nConnect app