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Bachelor of Science (BS)
The BS degree is for those seeking the first college degree typically focusing on an area related to science.
Master of Arts (MA)
The MA degree is for those seeking to enhance their research and scholarship in the mastery of specific knowledge and skills in a non-science area of focus.
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
The MAT degree is for those seeking to obtain teacher certification and master’s degree through an extensive internship experience.
Master of Education (MEd)
The MEd degree is for those seeking to increase skills and knowledge in professional practice.
Master of Science (MS)
The MS is for those seeking to enhance their research and scholarship toward mastery of specific knowledge and skills in an area of focus.
Doctor of Education (EdD)
The EdD is considered a professional and research degree and is for those individuals who want to prepare for advanced and scholarly proficiency in administrative or specialized positions in education.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The PhD degree is for those individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in a specific content in order to conduct original and independent research of significance in the chosen field.
Pennsylvania State Teaching Certificate (Instructional I Certificate)
The Instructional I Certificate is the initial teaching certificate in a specific area (e.g., PreK-4, Secondary subject area) and is valid for a specific number of service years during which specific requirements must be completed.
Pennsylvania State Administrative Certificate
This certificate is for those seeking positions as K-12 principals or superintendents.
Pennsylvania State Supervisory Certificate
This certificate is a Single Area Supervisory Certificate for grade levels K-12 within a specified instructional or educational service area of the curriculum or school program, for example: supervisor of mathematics; supervisor of reading; or supervisor of special education.
Professional Certificate
Professional certificates are granted at a national level through an outside organization and are specific to an area of focus.
Undergraduate Minor
This is a series of 18 credits in a specific area of concentration.
Graduate Minor
This is series of 24 graduate credits in a specific area of concentration.

Our school offers several graduate programs leading to teacher certification. You can read about these programs in greater detail online, and you can also attend a weekly information session to learn more about the application process.

There are many additional opportunities to make a difference in the field of education! We prepare our students to meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing society and to excel in a variety of roles, such as:
  • school leaders
  • policy experts
  • academic administrators
  • physical activity programmers
  • health, fitness, and disease-prevention advocates
  • curriculum specialists
  • assessment designers
  • educational researchers

While our website provides useful information about each program, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services for more detailed information. We are here to help you

If you are interested in either the Combined Accelerated Studies in Education (CASE) program, the Applied Developmental Psychology bachelor’s degree, or the Exercise Science/Wellness bachelor’s degrees, you will need to apply to the School of Education by February of your sophomore year. You can review the admission procedures and download the application form on the Undergraduate Admissions page. If you are interested in teacher certification, which is only offered in post-baccalaureate “fifth year” programs here at Pitt-Oakland, then you should complete the prerequisite courses required for admission during your undergraduate program and apply to the School of Education no later than January 15 of your senior year. For more information, we highly recommend attending one of our teacher education information sessions.